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gilkurtis's Journal

2 May 1984
I'm bi, female, and love new fandoms. (My newest are Stargate Atlantis, Farscape, Torchwood, Entourage, Merlin and Bandom Being Erica.) I'm currently in grad school. One year down, two to go. *le sigh*

I love the newest TFaTF movie, but am not fond of the newest Joss Whedon project. Sorry, Eliza. I've never been a fan of period pieces, but I love Merlin to bits. So slashy! With magic!

Did I fully stress my love for slash? It knows no bounds! I'm a slash-a-holic. I read in almost every fandom (sorry, HP fans, no go. Although there was that one weekend that I binged on Remus/S).

I've tried to tag all of my icon posts, check 'em out (there's A LOT). I even icon shows I haven't seen an episode of. I icon the pretty, but with grad school weighing me down it's been slow on the creative front.

I love Paint Shop Pro 7. I'm getting more knowledgeable with the program, but hey--I'm always up to suggestions. must. make. more. icons.

To sum me up in a nice little equation:
college x career + fandoms up the wazoo/icon making = psycho!me

...obsessions? I have a few... And they are killing me with the hotness. Brothers fighting evil, snarky BFF doctors, nummytreats, a genius who won't stop snarking at the flyboy, and a mountie who won't stop licking things...how am I supposed to resist?

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